5 Things Simple Things To Do More Often

5-things1. Host A Dinner Party

It does not have to be complicated or well thought through, some of my favorite moments with dear friends happened dinner parties. They usually were last minute gatherings with simple dishes but grand memories that I will cherish forever. There is something magical about getting friends together in a stress free environment, no distractions, just being ourselves and enjoying the company- all centered around food, of course!

2. Write A Hand-Written “Thank You” Note

Show someone how grateful your are for them and everything they have done for you or what they mean to you. People need to know they are appreciated, the most amazing, generous people never receive thanks and it will go a long way. Make their day, put yourself in the mode of gratitude and it will change your outlook on a lot of things. Make expressing your thankfulness a habit.

3. Learn More About Your Culture

Learning about your heritage is amazing, how can you have a clear understanding of yourself if you don’t know the culture(s) are composed of? During the beginning of my Alaskan self discovery adventure, my sister and I went to a Son’s of Norway event because we are Norwegian- you don’t have to be Norwegian to join FYI. When I walked into the lodge, I became emotional, I was falling in love with the artifacts, décor I felt incredibly at home and attached to the members. They share so many important traditions together, learn the language, there is such a sense of community and so welcoming to new people. There are so many things that my family does as traditions that I didn’t realize was a cultural thing. Not only was it enlightening, it was very fun and incredibly interesting. If you are not interested in a culture from your heritage, learn about another culture, find what is important to them. You might just surprise yourself.

4. Go On A Walk With A Loved One

Get out outside in nature, or whatever is close to nature wherever you are bring a friend or relative. Take in fresh air and fresh perspective, talk about whatever is on your mind  or listen to your walking buddy. Have an adventure, try a new trail or be more observant on your regular route see if anything new pops out at you. It’s free and good for you- GO FOR IT!

5. Put Down the Phone

Even if for just 30 minutes, it is good to unplug and focus on the present. It is hard to take in everything that is going on around you and focus, when you have a beeping buzzing device on your person. Give yourself a break and put it away, your mind will thank you and the people around you will be grateful for it too.


These are simple but incredibly helpful.

Enjoy it!



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