This Joy…in a nutshell.

First off writing about yourself is weird, always has been, always will but I want to give you a brief clip of who I am. Grew up in the land of farm land, North Dakota, I love my state but after a bad job experience I needed to explore and see what the rest of the world has to offer. I ended up quitting my corporate drone job and decided to move to Alaska to help my sister’s family by being my nephew’s nanny. When you have big dreams and goals being a drone does not fit in with the plan.From being someone’s boss to being a bossed around by a baby, it has been quite a journey from North Dakota to Alaska, from corporate life to home life. I love it but I will be honest my nannying days are numbered- I need to get back into the business world, I need my fix. It’s my drug of choice followed up by coffee.

The decision to take a crazy leap has been one of the best decisions of my life. If your leaps don’t scare you, you aren’t jumping far enough. Every person who I look up to has taken large leaps that have lead them to success. I have always aspired to be a Martha Stewart (without the insider trading), to the point as a kid my nickname was “Martha Joy”- I still love that. I know what you may be thinking and yes, you are right, I do want my own talk show- like Martha, but jazz it up. A girl can dream. I love to travel, entertain, paint , DIY whatever I can get my hands on and have new experiences. At some point you will read more about my life’s story in pieces from a shocking loss of a loved one to my crazy, weird, wonderful, fairytale like love story and every noteworthy event in between. From every story I will be vulnerable and honest, that is a promise plus it is waaaaay more entertaining that way. Every hard time is a chance to learn a lesson, you don’t want to have to learn it twice. In each big moment I have learned things that I will share with you, but this isn’t all about me. I wanted to create this blog to inspire, uplift and entertain.

So sit back and enjoy, I named it Totally Enjoying It for a reason.

Remember life is short so enjoy it!